High Pressure, High Reward of a 48-hr Film Project

The challenge: brainstorm, write, shoot, edit and produce a film in 48 hours. Our team, Video Vamps, had little filmmaking experience, but we had a bevy of talents. So yes, challenge accepted.

The Skinny on 48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project is the largest international filmmaking competition. Teams are tasked with creating a film in under 48 hours, in a specific genre and incorporating required elements (a character, a prop and a line of dialogue).

My role: editing our film with a fellow teammate. It was a crash course of learning the software on the spot, which I found thrilling. I spent my first few years in college studying telecommunications with aspirations to be a documentary filmmaker. Though my academic focus changed, I still carried an interest in filmmaking.

Finishing this project on such a strict time crunch was an adrenaline rush. We did it. “That’s What She Said: The Musical” was wrapped and ready for judging.

The most rewarding moments came when our film appeared on the big screen at Louisville’s 48 Hour Film Festival at a local movie theater. People were engaged in our film and they laughed. Our film won third place for Audience Favorite.

Watch “That’s What She Said: The Musical”:

With our first film under our belts, we’re already planning more films. Next year, we’ll be ready to take top honors in the 48 Hour Film Project!