Breaking Down High-end Photo and Video Production on a Smartphone

In this class, I taught a small class in my community techniques to turn a smartphone into a high-quality photo and video studio without using a computer. I outlined basic photography and video composition, lighting, simple guidelines, and tools that many do not know their smartphone has. The class was coordinated through Master It, a platform to bring people together to meet, socialize and learn fun and interesting topics.

My approach to teaching:

  • Meter the skill level of participants and gain insights on their expectations.
  • Build an adaptable learning framework that provides clarity, flow and advancement.
  • Break down technical and complex components into digestible content.
  • Incorporate experiential learning through exercises and practice examples.
  • Keep an open dialogue for questions and further exploration in specific areas of focus.


High-end Photo and Video Production on a Smartphone Outline


  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Point of View/Perspective

  1. Natural Light
  2. Flash
  3. Low-Light
Video-specific shooting

  1. Movement
  2. Sound
  3. B-roll
Smartphone Camera Basic Rules

  1. Always shoot landscape.
  2. Never use digital zoom.
  3. Use front camera lens
Smartphone Camera Features

  1. Focus
  2. Filters
  3. HDR
  4. Timer
  5. Others — slow-mo, video, photo square, pano
Basic Photo Editing on Smartphone

  1. Crop/Rotate/Straighten
  2. Light
  3. Color
  4. Black & White
Basic Video Editing on Smartphone

  1. Select Video Clips/edit (trim, speed, text)
  2. Add photos/title slides
  3. Transitions
  4. Audio/Sound Effects