Is 2011 the year of the QR CODE?

Tech blogs across the Internet have predicted that 2011 is the year of the QR CODE. Are they correct? QR CODES are a dynamic added feature for print magazines to enrich the readers’ experience with links to video, audio, and other Web element with one click of a smart phone camera.

We have broken new ground to be one of the first alumni magazines in the country to include QR CODES in our publication. I used a simple quarter-page teaser in the January 2011 Ball State Alumnus (print edition) to introduce QR CODES to our readers and invited them to download a code reader for their smart phones ( One month after our publication date, we have received positive feedback for our use of QR CODES.

Magazines are not the only medium to benefit from this marketing tool that has swept across Europe and Japan. Codes are popping up on event and outdoor signage, product displays, and even restroom advertising. But because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for every audience. Alumnus readers are an affluent audience with a high percentage of smart phone users, making QR CODES effective communications features for our readers.

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