Best results require patience

Preparing for the fall semester on a college campus is one of the busiest times for faculty and staff, as well as construction crews who are putting finishing touches on new projects and renovations. Featuring three new buildings provided opportunities and challenges. As the buildings were quickly progressing, our print deadline approached. Such significant improvements on campus warranted main feature and cover placement. As editor of the Alumnus magazine, I made the decision to wait as long as possible to photograph a new recreation and wellness center, residence hall, and glass center. Having the buildings photographed the week of our magazine press deadline paid off, as we showcase the buildings as they were meant to be seen in their most finished state. As a versatile professional who not only edits, but also writes, designs and retouches photos, I carefully edited each building photo to be sure I took away any emphasis of distracting construction elements in the background. The results were an interesting cover that was unique from other magazine covers and a main feature spread that was engaging. The entire magazine team pulled together to create a great issue. Click the image to read the Ball State Alumnus September 2010 issue.

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