Areas of Focus

project management, strategic planning and content strategy (web, social, marketing, writing/editing, film and photo)

Food for Thought

Content is a conversation. Are you screaming, “Pay attention to me?” We all know what those talks are like. It’s time for the digital you to answer this one vital question:

What does my audience

really want from me?

There lies the sweet spot of content. While competitors are selling and feature dumping, you’ll be communicating with your people on a real level if you apply the answer the above simple, yet difficult question.

Content needs a Cyclist


The cycle of content is a gear and each step in the process is a cog. The cyclist keeps it all moving forward. A content strategist puts the gear in motion and keeps it moving.

⇔ plan ⇒ create ⇒ maintain ⇒ analyze ⇔  

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